(086) Industrialisation of Sudan, Dr. Osman Tangasawi

Dr. Osman Tangasawi
AVL List GmbH

DOI: 10.47556/J.IJSR.9.1.2019.5

Purpose: The main aim of this paper is to kick start a discussion about industrialisation of Sudan and how this can be achieved. The author hopes that industrialists, engineers, economists, sociologists, etc. would engage in more in-depth discussions about the reasons of lack of industrialisation in Sudan and other underdeveloped regions.

Approach: Drawing lessons from the history of the Industrial Revolution focusing on the cultural traits that distinguished industrial societies.

Findings: Certain cultural traits are proposed as being responsible for impeding the industrialisation process in Sudan. The main causes lie at the foundations of the social pyramid not just at the top.

Value: The main value lies in emphasising the cultural reasons behind the underdevelopment of Sudan, something that is often ignored when diagnosing the problem of the country as many tend to focus on political and economic reform rather than cultural reform.
Keywords: Sudan, Industrialisation, Industry 4.0, Cultural Traits, Industrial Revolution, Artificial Intelligence.


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