WASD is very keen to engage and collaborate very closely with all academic and research institutions; private sector; international organisations and others from all-over the world. Our various global engagements and partnerships initiatives and activities together with our various partners across the world aim to strengthening institutions’ capabilities and capacities and enable them make big decisions. The purpose of our various partnerships is to establish a relationship for interaction between WASDMiddle Eastern Knowledge Economy Institute (MEKEI) and International Diaspora Project (SK) and institutions across the world. In these partnerships arrangements we plan to explore research and teaching in areas of mutual interest and establish a framework between the parties that will facilitate future interactions. It is anticipated that research and teaching collaborations can be established in areas of mutual interest that are non-proprietary and intended for public dissemination. WASD has signed several Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with several universities, private sectors and governments from across the world. These MOUs are non-binding agreements that does not create legal rights or responsibilities and are joint statements of the parties’ desire to collaborate in areas of mutual interest. in These various MOUs, there is is no limit as to what WASD, can collaborate with other institutions across the world. Please explore the various examples of our MOUs and do not hesitate to contact us (admin@wasd.org.uk) if you have any question.