STOP THE WAR AND RE-BUILDING SUDAN: the role of Diaspora in the Humanitarian and Logistical efforts

STOP THE WAR AND RE-BUILDING SUDAN: the role of Diaspora in the Humanitarian and Logistical efforts
Online International Conference 
14th May 2023, 10:00-14:00 UK Time

For a month now since 15th April 2023, the deadly war and fighting in Sudan mainly in the capital, Khartoum is continuing with all its serious consequences. And although the fighting erupted between the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and the Armed Forces, civilians have become the victims of the various clashes.

In his remarks about the conflict on Sudan on 17th April 2023,  António Guterres, the United Nation Secretary-General stated that “I strongly condemn the outbreak of fighting that is taking place in Sudan, and appeal to the leaders of the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces to immediately cease hostilities, restore calm and begin a dialogue to resolve the crisis. I reaffirm that the United Nations stands with the people of Sudan at this very difficult time, with full support for their efforts to restore the democratic transition and build a peaceful, secure future.”

According to various international reports including the UN agencies, humanitarian situation in Sudan is increasingly becoming catastrophic with many cases of deaths and injuries to civilians and humanitarian workers, attacks on civilians including sexual violence and targeting and looting of homes and premises including hospitals.

Thousands of Sudanese people have been displaced and fleeing Sudan to neighboring countries such as Egypt, Ethiopia and others. According to International Organization for Migration (IOM) Displacement Tracking Matrix, on Tuesday 9th may 2023 in Geneva, there are more than 700,000 people were now internally displaced by the fighting.

The aim of this conference is to ensure that all Diaspora individuals and groups are involved in all the humanitarian and logistics efforts to help the Sudanese people and the global efforts to stop the war in Sudan and rescue its people. More specifically, the conference aims to discuss and explore various efforts and different ways which can contribute to support the humanitarian and logistical efforts including donations and material to Sudan. We therefore encourage all people particularly the Sudanese Diaspora from across the world to participate and donate to the various international donations and appeals. Finally, the conference also aim to learn lessons from other similar situations in other countries across the world.

This multi-disciplinary emergency conference is part of our Diaspora International Conference Series aims to provide the participants the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences from all over the world on major global issues; the emphasis is on the importance of evidence-based planning to overcome the challenges facing their countries of origin efforts to achieve a sustainable future. Our conferences bring together international experts and high level International Diaspora (students, researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, ordinary citizen) from the public and private sectors to share their strategic vision on the future of Sudan and how the Diaspora can contribute to help Sudan in such a difficult time.