(051) The Sudan Health Consultancy group: A decade of diaspora contributions to public health in the Sudan, Dr. Muna I. Abdel Aziz, Dr. Safa I. A. Abdalla, Dr. Mayada Abuaffan, Dr. Ishraqa M. A. Awad, Dr. Moneim Elhassan, Dr. Rida Y. Elkheir, Dr. Maha Elliser, Dr. Basma El-Safi, Dr. Victor Joseph and Dr. Huda H. Mohamed

Dr. Muna I. Abdel Aziz
Warrington Borough Council
Dr. Safa I.A. Abdalla
Stanford University
Dr. Mayada Abuaffan
Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council
Dr. Ishraqa M.A. Awad
Consultant in Public Health Medicine
Dr. Moneim Elhassan
Public Health Practitioner
Dr. Rida Y. Elkheir
Derby City Council
Dr. Maha Ellider
Liverpool John Moores University
Saudi Arabia
Dr. Basma ElSafi
King’s College Hospital
Dr. Victor Joseph
Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council
Dr. Huda H. Mohamed
West Midlands East Health Protection Unit

DOI: 10.47556/J.IJSR.6.1.2016.2

Background and Purpose: The Sudan Health Consultancy (SHC) is a voluntary group which first came together in 2003. This paper follows from the group contribution to the First Diaspora Conference and reflects on our recent journey to sustain our contributions to capacity building, research and development in the Sudan.

Approach: We have formalised our relationships from an informal voluntary group into a registered limited company with a network of networks.

Findings: Formal links have been established with the National Public Health Institute (PHI), Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH), Sudanese Medical Specialisation Board, the Community Medicine Association and universities. We have signed Memoranda of Understanding with the UK Academy of Royal Colleges and the Faculty of Public Health and we are currently delivering on the agreed work plans.

Conclusions: We highlight challenges and opportunities to formalise the Diaspora contribution. This paper concludes with our next steps and suggests cross-sectoral initiatives to improve public health in Sudan.

Keywords: Sudan, Public Health, Training, Research, Consultancy, Continuing Professional Development, Diaspora, Sudan Health Consultancy, SHC
Reference to this paper should be made as follows: Abdel Aziz, M.I., Abdalla, S.I.A., Abuaffan, M., Awad, I. M.A., Elhassan, M., Elkheir, R.Y., Ellider, M., ElSafi, B., Joseph, V. and Mohamed, H.H. (2016) ‘The Sudan Health Consultancy group: A decade of diaspora contributions to public health in the Sudan’, Int. J. Sudan Research, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp.54–65.


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