(027) Challenges of using information and communication technologies to disseminate agricultural information to farmers in Sudan, Nada Musa, Prof. Jason Githeko, Prof. Kamal El-Siddig

Nada Musa
Agricultural Research Corporation
Prof. Jason Githeko
Egerton University
Prof. Kamal El-Siddig
Agricultural Research Corporation

DOI: 10.47556/J.IJSR.3.2.2013.2

Purpose: In this study, the challenges to effective use of ICT to disseminate agricultural information were investigated. The study also sought to determine the extent to which ICT usage influences the dissemination of agricultural information. The research additionally sought to identify socio-economic factors as well as cultural and technical constraints affecting the use of ICT.

Design/methodology/approach: Data were obtained from a random sample of 120 farmers attained through proportionate stratified random sampling. Simple random sampling was used to select 30 researchers from Gezira Research Station and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Findings: The study generated information that can be used by stakeholders to create appropriate policy decisions involving the use of ICT.Among the researchers, the most popular methods of dissemination are print media (30%) followed by radio (20%) and TV (15%). For farmers, the most popular methods are radio (21.9%) followed by print media (15.33%) and TV (14.6%). The results indicate that socio-economic, technical and cultural factors influence the use of ICT. The study identified significant relationships between socio-economic, cultural and technical challenges and the use of ICT in the dissemination of agricultural information.Originality/value: In conclusion, radio was the most popular ICT among farmers. However, the dissemination processes faced cultural, technical and socio-economic challenges.

Keywords: ICT, Challenges, Dissemination, Agricultural Information
Reference to this paper should be made as follows: Musa, N., Githeko, J., and El-Siddig, K., (2013) The impact of privatization policy on the performance of agricultural government schemes in River Nile State, Sudan, Int. J. Sudan Research Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 117-132


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