(097) Has the revolution that broke out in the Republic of Sudan achieved its desired goals?, Dr. Nagmeldin Karamalla-Gaiballa

Dr. Nagmeldin Karamalla-Gaiballa
University of Commerce and Services in Poznan

DOI: 10.47556/J.IJSR.10.2.2020.1

Purpose: The aim of this research is to study and analyse the results of the Sudanese revolution, and try to answer the following question: has the revolution that broke out in the Republic of Sudan in 2018 achieved its desired goals?

Design/methodology/approach: The basic research methods adopted in the paper are factor analysis and an historical method in combination with institutional analysis.

Findings: The paper discovered the importance of the revolution achieving its desired goals so as not to cause an explosion of chaos, which may lead to the return of the military to power in Sudan.

Originality/value: The approach and the results are original and valuable in the evaluation and analysis of the results of the Sudanese revolution.
Research implications: More work must be done to improve the economic situation of the citizens and to provide for the necessities of life, together
with the necessary legal amendments and the conduct of trials for the leaders of the former regime without delay.
Keywords: Sudan, Khartoum, revolutionaries, Omar al-Bashir, National Congress Party, Sovereign Council, Rapid Support Forces, Sudan Professionals Association, Sudan Armed Forces, Transitional Military Council, Forces for Freedom and Change.


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