Exploring the Medical Benefits of Sudanese Medicinal Plants as a Practical Element in Sustainable Development, Ashraf Abdalla, Peter Fischer and Tracey Bradshaw

Ashraf Abdalla, Peter Fischer, Tracey Bradshaw
University of Nottingham, UK 
Abstract: This paper illustrates the significance of natural products and the role that it plays as indispensable source of drugs. Drug discovery and development programmes are in critical situation worldwide due to the decrease of the number of new introduced medicines in the market. It is described how Sudan, which is endowed with huge recourses of medicinal plants and is witnessing The Agricultural Revolution, can contribute to the drug discovery programmes by utilization of its plants; all which could bring benefit not to Sudan people and health sector only, but also regionally and worldwide.
Reference: First Sudanese Diaspora International Conference - 2009 pp. 105 - 109


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