Cardiovascular Healthcare in Sudan: Education, Planning and Delivery, Dr. Eltigani Abdelaal

Dr. Eltigani Abdelaal
King’s College Hospital, UK
Abstract: This paper attempts to outlines the major challenges facing the Cardiovascular Medicine in Sudan. However it is not possible to cover such a broad subject within the timescale for the conference, but nevertheless, below is merely an outline in an attempt to highlight important concepts. Cardiovascular disease is highly prevalent in Sudan, but with poorly studied statistics, if at all. Moreover, the incidence and prevalence of Cardiovascular Risk Factors is equally high, poorly understood, underestimated by official bodies, and poorly tackled by healthcare professionals. Moreover, patients often have limited understanding of health issues and rarely taught how to take command of their own health, or be actively involved in ensuring their wellbeing.
Reference: First Sudanese Diaspora International Conference - 2009 pp. 73 - 76


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