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Tell the world about the BEST OF SUDAN DEADLINE: 30 DECEMBER 2017 The first video competition about the BEST OF SUDAN will be launched by Sudan Knowledge (SK) and the World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) […]


الملتقى التفاكري حول فرص ومجالات التعاون مع الجامعات السعودية

برعاية كريمة من سفير السودان بالمملكة العربية السعودية الأستاذ عبدالباسط بدوي السنوسي نظمت الهيئة الطوعية لدعم التعليم وتبادل الخبرات لقاء تفاكريا عن فرص ومجالات التعاون بين الجامعات السودانية والسعودية وذلك في إطار العلاقات الإستراتيجية بين […]


Game-based Learning (GBL) emerged on the academic and enterprise scene in the late 1990s. GBL encompasses fun, engagement, serious learning, and interactive entertainment. Game-Based Learning is often considered a disruptive learning approach and is founded […]


SUDAN AT A CROSSROADS: Towards a Vision for the Future & Youth Empowerment السودان في مفترق طرق: نظرة للمستقبل و تمكين الشباب

  13:30-13:45     Arrival 13:45-15:15     Session One 15:15-15:30     Break 15:30-16:20     Session Two Target audience Academic, professionals, research, youth, NGOs, civil society groups, businesses, and other stakeholders. Focus Sudan Hosts World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) UN Major Group for Children […]

About Sudan Knowledge

Sudan Knowledge is an academic, professional and non-political organisation that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and information about Sudan and actively promotes the potential of all Sudanese Diaspora across the world to help achieving sustainable development in Sudan.

We run global conferences, publish books and a high-quality refereed journal, and organise international development projects.


  • International Journal of Sudan Research

    IJSR aims to promote the international exchange of knowledge, ideas and information about the very best research undertaken about Sudan without promoting any kind of political views and/or ideologies among the different stakeholders in and outside Sudan. Therefore, IJSR will have a significant role to play in bridging the knowledge divide between Sudan and the rest of the world and [...]

International Networks

Sudan Knowledge works with a wide range of institutions, such as universities, research centres and governmental departments all over the world, particularly in developing countries. Our international networks bring together multidisciplinary academics, policymakers and practitioners.
By bringing together international leaders and enabling them to work in partnership, we seek to contribute to better technological and economic development for all within Sudan.