Human Trafficking in Sudan


The aim of this book is to recognize the causes, underlying the growth of Human Trafficking in the East Sudan Kassala State and the exploration on the social impacts of human trafficking using a deductive approach to formulate the hypothesis with the help of theoretical framework. Results have shown that there is a significant social impact on the life of the victims of human trafficking; this also affects society adversely. Human trafficking has become a concerning issue in recent perspective.


Sudan is bounded by major states such as Ethiopia and Eritrea, which are typically infamous for the cases related to abduction and other human trafficking related disputes. These are the major issues that are declining the status of the people living in these regions. It has been observed that the cost of living vary from one region to the other and keeping this perspective in mind, many people often fled from areas to the places where the cost of living is less. The key concerns related to the increasing trafficking issues in Sudan and other related regions is that until a proper region of operation is found, any kind of relevant operation cannot be taken to suppress the increasing domination of human trafficking.

ISBN: 978-1-907106-48-4
Year: 2020
Pages: 143
Editor: Prof. Allam Ahmed

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