Ideas from Experts to Ministers

Sustainable development (SD) requires global thinking and local actions. Sudan Knowledge (SK) understands the global challenges we all face in the light of this global lockdown. We want to be a part of your solution to engage your Ministers, Senior Officials, Decision Makers, etc by providing key learning platforms to enhance their skills and help them to continue delivering satisfactory solutions during the lockdown. SK is pleased to present its knowledge sharing platforms via regular virtual meetings to facilitate regular knowledge-sharing between the Diaspora from across the world to end-users from their countries of origin. These regular events by SK will enable collective learning about various suggestions from the Diaspora on various topics and/or issues relating to helping countries achieve the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We are very happy to provide advise and consultancy to all ministers from our large number of experts. Please contact us ( with any issues you would like to receive expert opinion and/or ideas and suggestion to improve performance and/or the implementation of completely new ideas/approaches and suggestions.

Call for Ideas

Call for Experts

  1. Please upload your details in our online Experts Directory. If you have previously registered at this portal, please send us any updates you wish to make to your contact details, bio and photo. Please note we will NOT proceed with processing your  submission without uploading your FULL details online.
  2. Summit your ONE simple IDEA instead of lists of complex details and remember government ministers do not have much time to listen to long talk/presentation and/or read long document.
  3. Each participant will be given max 5 mins (first come first served) to share his/her suggestions.

Government ministers and officials are very busy and they may not be an expert like you in a particular issue. Sudan Knowledge (SK) directory of experts is a one-stop-shop to offer busy government ministers and officials top expertise based on qualifications and top professional backgrounds. SK directory also includes consultants, policy advisors, etc. SK has built a strong network of researchers, policy makers, educators, consultants and employers from all parts of the world to exchange knowledge and experience and discuss current developments and challenges. This directory can be used to help find, support and collaborate with experts from the SK network.